Green Team training

Form a Green Team to educate your faith community about stewardship.

Your Green Team can organize study groups and special events, initiate an energy audit for your building, and follow up to save energy and money.  As a group, you can speak with a more powerful voice on issues of ecological justice. Forming a Green Team also connects you with Utah IPL and a broader interfaith national network of similar folks. By forming a team you can create change and sustain a more viable future.

Here’s how to start:

1. Host an after-service discussion program, a film night (in your house of worship or in a home), or a picnic (no styrofoam!).  Find like-minded people who are concerned about the future, “your core” of support.

2. Bring your faith leader (including lay leadership) on board and make sure that leader talks about sustainability and stewardship often.  Include weekly “eco-tips” in your newsletter; contact us to receive eco-tip suggestions.

3. Start with fun, informative stuff.  Then, move on to more substantive discussions of books and policies; hold meetings at least bimonthly.  Start tracking energy usage.

4. Establish task forces to work on Greening Your Facilities and Educating Your Congregation.

5. See Twelve Simple Actions for more ideas.

Know you will encounter apathy or even resistance… be pleasantly persistent.  Soon, many will recognize that we cannot separate social and economic justice concerns from those of healing the planet and working toward a sustainable future. This is “Whole Earth Justice.”

Green Team Trainings are available to congregations that have already received an energy audit. These trainings help the members of your congregation’s Green Team identify your next steps. You’ll leave the Green Team Training with a sustainability plan for greening your facilities and engaging your congregation in the care of creation.