Solar Champions Pricing Schedule

Utah Interfaith Solar Champions Pricing Schedule

The pricing structure below is for a typical grid-tied residential rooftop solar installation for individuals participating in the Utah Interfaith Solar Champions project.

Option Panel Inverter Price ($/watt)
1 SolarWorld Poly 250 watt (silver frame) Enphase M215 $3.17
2 SolarWorld Mono 275 watt (silver frame) Enphase M250 $3.22
3 SolarWorld Mono 270 watt (black frame) Enphase M250 $3.27
  Plan on additional costs if you:
Want a Solar Monitoring System
Have a unique roof: steep pitch; shake-shingle roof; tile roof; flat roof; metal roof; etc.
Need a ground-mount or pole-mount solar system
Need a structural engineering assessment
Want multiple PV arrays (each additional sub-array)
Need to have wiring run over 100 ft.


Additional Installation Components: Price per unit
10 year workmanship warranty No additional cost
Subpanel for electrical panel May be required for some installations, no additional cost
Building permit Required for all installations, cost varies by jurisdiction
Main service panel upgrade May be required for some installations, cost will vary
Roof replacement May be recommended before completion of some installations, cost will vary