Divestment Workshop Outline/Plan

Opening [2 min] – Welcome and Introduction of Panelists


Survey [10 min] – use flip chart paper to record survey answers – Goal: be able to tailor workshop to the audience – the idea would be to find out:

  • Who do we have in our audience – what denominations/congregations are in our workshop and what roles do the people who came play?
  • How do their congregations/denominations make decisions (top down/bottom up, votes/committees and proposals/minister decision/national or international decisions, etc.)
  • What would they like to learn about divestment?


The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement – the story of the fossil fuel divestment movement, 350.org, Bill McKibben Do the Math Tour, etc. [10 min]


History of Divestment & The Moral Case for Divestment – role divestment has played in history, Tom’s own story of divestment and Apartheid … perhaps others in the audience were involved in Apartheid divestment, the moral case for divestment [10 min]


The First Unitarian Divestment Story & More on The Moral Case for Divestment – how we got involved and the steps we took and where they led us [15 min total]


The Financial Side of Divestment –

  • Divestment Tools – tools, funds, strategies exist and are being successfully used [10 min]
  • Individual Divestment – two different divestment journeys  [5 min each = 10 min total]


Q&A – especially relating this to how other congregations/denominations might go about divestment or questions about individual divestment; if they have no questions, we can ask them questions [23 min]



INTERN:   make sure we have contact information (name, congregation, email, phone) for all the people who participate in the workshop.  Folow-up with participants who indicate a desire for us to do a divestment workshop or work with them on creating a divestment workshop for their congregations.





MATERIALS NEEDED:  LCD projector, VGA cable for PC, projection screen, attendees sheet, clipboard, pen, flipchart paper & flipchart, pen for flipchart, Internet access