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GoFossilFree/350.org Resources


Green America:  http://www.greenamerica.org/


Carbon Underground 200 Spreadsheet:  http://tinyurl.com/CabonUndergroundTop200-2014   The Carbon Underground 200 identifies the top 100 public coal companies globally and the top 100 public oil and gas companies globally, ranked by the potential carbon emissions content of their reported reserves.  Tar Sands 20:  The World’s Top 20 Public Companies Ranked by the Carbon Content of their Tar Sands Reserves: http://fossilfreeindexes.com/research/tar-sands/




Mutual FundsBroad-Based Mutual Funds That Exclude Fossil-Fuel Companies by Policy


Green Century Balanced Fund (GCBLX) http://www.greencentury.com/funds/Green-Century-Balanced-Fund  This fund excludes fossil-fuel companies, and in 2009 became the first fund to release a carbon-footprint report of its holdings: 66 percent smaller than the S&P 500.


Green Century Equity Fund (GCEQX) http://greencentury.com/our-funds/equity-fund/

As of April 1, 2014, the Equity Fund is fossil-fuel-company-free. The fund already excluded coal and oil companies; Green Century has now screened out natural gas.


Parnassus Endeavor Fund (PARWX) http://www.parnassus.com/parnassus-mutual-funds/endeavor/ Formerly known as Parnassus Workplace Fund, effective 5/1/2014, the fund no longer invests in companies engaged in extraction, exploration, production, manufacturing or refining of fossil fuels.


PAX World Investments (PXWGX) http://www.paxworld.com/our-products/pax-world-mutual-funds/growth-fund   As of 5/1/2014, the fund divested its fossil fuel holdings & will pursue a fossil fuel-free investment strategy. Fossil fuel company investments will be replaced by investments addressing global sustainability challenges.


Portfolio 21 (PORTX) http://www.portfolio21.com/

Portfolio 21 pursues a company-wide strategy of screening out investments in fossil fuel companies. A searchable list of its holdings appears on its Web site.


Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX)  http://sheltoncap.com/mutual-funds/domestic-equity/shelton-green-alpha-fund-fossil-free-investing/ Green Alpha Advisors believes that fossil fuels disrupt the economy and its underlying ecosystems, do not represent solutions, and have no place in Green Alpha portfolios.

Calvert Funds:   http://www.calvert.com/newsArticle.html?article=21588  Calvert has 6 portfolios with no exposure to fossil fuels.



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