Congregational Membership Form


The mission of Utah Interfaith Power & Light is to inspire, educate, and collaborate with faith communities to promote earth stewardship, clean energy, and climate justice


As a religious leader of my faith community, I/we commit to support the mission of

Utah IPL and to do ONE or more of the following:

___Engage in ongoing education with our faith community, friends, and neighbors regarding environmental stewardship, energy production, and usage in relation to climate change.

___Conduct an energy audit of our buildings and homes to identify sources of energy waste and potential financial savings related to energy improvements

___Make energy efficiency improvements to our house of worship

___Utilize renewable energy by purchasing green power, installing solar panels, contributing to a wind turbine fund, or promoting other technologies that minimize our “footprint” on the earth

___Analyze, reduce, and offset our greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of becoming a non-polluting faith community

___Support public policies that contribute to the goals of Utah Interfaith Power & Light


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Please complete and email to, print and sign a copy for your records.  Thank you.

Or mail to: Utah Interfaith Power & Light, P.O. Box 112016, Salt Lake City, UT 84147-2016